18.5V 3.5A 65W 4.8*1.7mm PPP009S, PP1006, PA-1651-02C Laptop DC Car Power Adapter For COMPAQ Presario A900, B1000 ,M2000 Series



Part Number: PA-1651-02C Laptop DC Power Adapter
Output Voltage: 18.5V
Output Current: 3.5A
Power: 65W
Connecter Size: 4.8*1.7mm
Product Type: Replacement Laptop DC Adapter (Brand New)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Price: 0

In Stock: Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Quantity3+ units5+ units10+ units
Price /Unit 29.3729.0728.77
Quantity: 30+ units Wholesale Price: 23.90 ~ 24.80, Want to buy In bulk? Click contact us


Product Description

Compatible with P/N:


PPP009S, PPP009L, PPP009H, PPP002D, PP1006, PA-1651-02C, P-0K065B13, LPACQ3, HP-OK065B13, DL606A#ABA, DL606A, DC395A#ABB, DC395A#ABA, DC359A#ABA, DC359A, C359A#ABA, B65602-001 101880-001, ACL1056, ACHEW-C14, ACCOM-C14, AC-C14, A265, 9155068, 432309-001, 417220-001, 409843-001, 403810-001, 402018-001, 394224-001, 393954-001, 391172-001, 387661-001, 386315-002, 383494-001, 381090-001, 380467-005, 380467-003, 380467-001, 371790-BB, 371790-001, 367760-001, 338136-001, 285546-001, 285288-001, 265602-001, 239705-001, 239704-291, 239704-001, 239428-001, 239427-004, 239427-003, 239427-002, 239427-001, 209126-001, 209124-001, 179725-003, 179725-002, 163444-291, 163444-001, 159224-002, 159224-001, 146594-001, 120765-001, 101898-001, 101880-001

Compatible with Models :

HP Compaq
Notebook 510, 530, 6720s, 6000 Series

HP Compaq NC Series
NC4200, nc6140, NC5000, NC6200, NC6000, NC6220, nc6100, NC8000, NC4000, nc6110, NC8230, NC4010, nc6120

HP Compaq NW Series

HP Compaq NX Series
nx6105, nx6330, nx9020, nx4300, nx6110, nx7000, nx9030, nx4800, nx6115, nx7010, nx9040, nx4820, nx6120, nx7100, nx5000, nx6125, nx7200, nx6100, nx6130, nx7220

HP Mini 311 Series
311-1007TU, 311-1009TU, 311-1010TU, 311-1011TU, 311, 311-1012TU, 311-1000

HP OmniBook 500 Series
510, 520, 530, 550, 500

HP OmniBook 5000 series

HP Pavilion DM1 Series
Pavilion DM1

HP Pavilion DV1000 series
dv1049EA, dv1019EA, dv1002AP, dv1063EA, dv1024LA, dv1006AP, dv1068EA, dv1029AP, dv1009XX, dv1034AP, dv1012AP, dv1042qv, dv1015LA, dv1050EA, dv1020AP, dv1002XX, dv1064EA, dv1025AP, dv1071EA, dv1006EA, dv1030AP, dv1010AP, dv1035AP, dv1012LA, dv1044LA, dv1016AP, dv1000, dv1055EA, dv1021AP, dv1003AP, dv1065EA, dv1025LA, dv1074EA, dv1007AP, dv1030EA, dv1010ca, dv1036AP, dv1013AP, dv1045EA, dv1017AP, dv1000t, dv1057EA, dv1022AP, dv1004AP, dv1065us, dv1026AP, dv1075EA, dv1007EA, dv1031AP, dv1010us, dv1037AP, dv1014AP, dv1045LA, dv1018AP, dv1001AP, dv1060us, dv1023AP, dv1005AP, dv1066EA, dv1027AP, dv1008AP, dv1032AP, dv1011AP, dv1040ca, dv1014LA, dv1049cl, dv1019AP, dv1001XX, dv1061EA, dv1024AP, dv1005EA, dv1067EA, dv1028AP, dv1009AP, dv1033AP, dv1011EA, dv1040us, dv1015AP

HP Pavilion DV1100 series
dv1132AP, dv1112EA, dv1180us, dv1135LA, dv1117AP, dv1138EA, dv1121AP, dv1102AP, dv1145EA, dv1125LA, dv1107AP, dv1156cl, dv1130ca, dv1110AP, dv1170ca, dv1133AP, dv1113AP, dv1190EA, dv1136AP, dv1117LA, dv1139AP, dv1122AP, dv1103AP, dv1150us, dv1126AP, dv1107EA, dv1159EA, dv1130EA, dv1110EA, dv1170EA, dv1133wm, dv1114AP, dv1136EA, dv1118AP, dv1139EA, dv1123AP, dv1104AP, dv1152EA, dv1127AP, dv1108AP, dv1160EA, dv1130us, dv1111AP, dv1170us, dv1134AP, dv1115AP, dv1137AP, dv1119AP, dv1140EA, dv1124AP, dv1105AP, dv1153EA, dv1128AP, dv1108EA, dv1165EA, dv1131AP, dv1111EA, dv1175us, dv1135AP, dv1115LA, dv1137EA, dv1120AP, dv1100, dv1142EA, dv1125AP, dv1105EA, dv1154EA, dv1129AP, dv1109AP, dv1167EA, dv1131EA, dv1112AP, dv1180EA, dv1135EA, dv1116AP, dv1138AP, dv1120us, dv1101AP, dv1143EA, dv1125EA, dv1106AP, dv1155EA, dv1130AP, dv1109EA, dv1168EA

HP Pavilion DV1200 series
dv1262EA, dv1272EA, dv1215wm, dv1225EA, dv1245EA, dv1254EA, dv1263EA, dv1275EA, dv1217us, dv1227us, dv1249EA, dv1255EA, dv1265EA, dv1200, dv1280EA, dv1220EA, dv1230EA, dv1250EA, dv1258EA, dv1266EA, dv1206cl, dv1281EA, dv1220us, dv1240ca, dv1251EA, dv1259EA, dv1267EA, dv1207us, dv1224EA, dv1240us, dv1252EA, dv1260EA, dv1270EA, dv1210us, dv1225ca, dv1245cl, dv1253EA

HP Pavilion DV1300 series
dv1379TU, dv1334AP, dv1318AP, dv1358AP, dv1385TU, dv1339AP, dv1321us, dv1362AP, dv1301XX, dv1391tu, dv1343AP, dv1325LA, dv1365AP, dv1306AP, dv1399XX, dv1348AP, dv1330AP, dv1369TU, dv1311AP, dv1352AP, dv1375EA, dv1331se, dv1315cl, dv1355AP, dv1380TU, dv1335AP, dv1319AP, dv1358EA, dv1386TU, dv1340AP, dv1322AP, dv1362EA, dv1302AP, dv1392tu, dv1344AP, dv1326AP, dv1365EA, dv1307AP, dv1349AP, dv1330BR, dv1370TU, dv1311se, dv1352EA, dv1375TU, dv1332AP, dv1315LA, dv1355EA, dv1381TU, dv1335LA, dv1320AP, dv1359AP, dv1387TU, dv1340BR, dv1323AP, dv1362TU, dv1302XX, dv1393tu, dv1345AP, dv1326EA, dv1366AP, dv1308AP, dv1350AP, dv1330ca, dv1371TU, dv1312AP, dv1353AP, dv1376TU, dv1332EA, dv1316AP, dv1356AP, dv1382TU, dv1336AP, dv1320BR, dv1359EA, dv1388TU, dv1340us, dv1324AP, dv1363AP, dv1303AP, dv1394tu, dv1345EA, dv1327AP, dv1366EA, dv1309AP, dv1350EA, dv1330us, dv1372TU, dv1313AP, dv1353EA, dv1377TU, dv1333AP, dv1317AP, dv1356EA, dv1383TU, dv1337AP, dv1320us, dv1360AP, dv1300, dv1389TU, dv1341AP, dv1325AP, dv1363EA, dv1304

HP Pavilion DV1400 series
dv1442EA, dv1449EA, dv1475EA, dv1420ca, dv1432us, dv1444EA, dv1450EA, dv1489EA, dv1400, dv1420us, dv1439us, dv1445EA, dv1451EA, dv1410EA, dv1421EA, dv1440ca, dv1446EA, dv1452EA, dv1410us, dv1422EA, dv1440EA, dv1447EA, dv1473EA, dv1411se, dv1427us, dv1440us, dv1448EA, dv1474EA, dv1418EA, dv1430US

HP Pavilion DV1500 series
dv1535la, dv1547ea, dv1588ea, dv1597ea, dv1515cl, dv1530la, dv1536ea, dv1550se, dv1589ea, dv1598ea, dv1519us, dv1530us, dv1540ca, dv1552ea, dv1591ea, dv1500, dv1599ea, dv1520ca, dv1532us, dv1540la, dv1555ea, dv1594ea, dv1501ea, dv1520us, dv1534ea, dv1540us, dv1580se, dv1595ea, dv1510ca, dv1530br, dv1535ea, dv1546ea, dv1586ea, dv1596ea, dv1510us, dv1530ca

HP Pavilion DV1600 series
dv1621ts, dv1694ea, dv1657ea, dv1607ts, dv1623tn, dv1660se, dv1610us, dv1625tn, dv1616tn, dv1667ea, dv1628tn, dv1618tn, dv1672ea, dv1633tn, dv1602tn, dv1620tn, dv1680ca, dv1648us, dv1605tn, dv1622ea, dv1695ea, dv1658ea, dv1608tn, dv1623ts, dv1662ea, dv1611tn, dv1625ts, dv1616ts, dv1668ea, dv1629tn, dv1618ts, dv1673ea, dv1634tn, dv1602ts, dv1620ts, dv1680ea, dv1650ca, dv1605ts, dv1622nr, dv1699xx, dv1658us, dv1608ts, dv1624nr, dv1664ea, dv1612ts, dv1626tn, dv1617ea, dv1669ea, dv1629us, dv1619ea, dv1674ea, dv1635ca, dv1603tn, dv1620us, dv1680us, dv1650us, dv1606tn, dv1622tn, dv1659ea, dv1609tn, dv1624tn, dv1665ea, dv1614ts, dv1626ts, dv1617tn, dv1670ea, dv1630tn, dv1600, dv1619tn, dv1675ea, dv1635la, dv1603ts, dv1621ea, dv1688us, dv1656us, dv1606ts, dv1622ts, dv1659us, dv1609ts, dv1624ts, dv1665eu, dv1615tn, dv1627tn, dv1617ts, dv1670us, dv1631tn, dv1601tn, dv1619ts, dv1677ea, dv1635tn, dv1604tn, dv1621tn, dv1693ea, dv1657cl, dv1607tn, dv1623ea, dv1660ca, dv1610tn, dv1625la, dv1666ea, dv1615ts, dv1627ts, dv1618

HP Pavilion DV1700 series
dv1760br, dv1722tu, dv1701xx, dv1728tu, dv1704xx, dv1733tu, dv1709tu, dv1739tu, dv1713tu, dv1744tu, dv1719tu, dv1723tu, dv1702tu, dv1729tu, dv1705tu, dv1734tu, dv1710ca, dv1740br, dv1714tu, dv1746tu, dv1720la, dv1724tu, dv1702xx, dv1730la, dv1706tu, dv1735tu, dv1710tu, dv1740tu, dv1715tu, dv1748tu, dv1720tu, dv1700, dv1725tu, dv1703tu, dv1730tu, dv1707tu, dv1736tu, dv1710us, dv1741tx, dv1716tu, dv1749tu, dv1721la, dv1700tu, dv1726tu, dv1703xx, dv1731tu, dv1708nr, dv1737tu, dv1711tu, dv1742tx, dv1717tu, dv1750br, dv1721tu, dv1701tu, dv1727tu, dv1704tu, dv1732tu, dv1708tu, dv1738od, dv1712us, dv1743tu, dv1718tu

HP Pavilion DV2200 Series
dv2298ea, dv2224tx, dv2212tu, dv2227ea, dv2214tu, dv2245br, dv2216ea, dv2260br, dv2219tx, dv2278ea, dv2222ea, dv2210ea, dv2225la, dv2212tx, dv2227tx, dv2214tx, dv2245ea, dv2216tx, dv2265ea, dv2220la, dv2281ea, dv2222la, dv2210tu, dv2225nr, dv2213ca, dv2235la, dv2214us, dv2246ea, dv2217ea, dv2267ea, dv2220tx, dv2282ea, dv2222tx, dv2210tx, dv2225tx, dv2213cl, dv2240br, dv2215ea, dv2247br, dv2217tx, dv2268ea, dv2220us, dv2290ea, dv2223tx, dv2211tu, dv2226ea, dv2213tu, dv2241ea, dv2215tu, dv2250br, dv2218tu, dv2275ea, dv2221tx, dv2297ea, dv2224ea, dv2211tx, dv2226tx, dv2213tx, dv2244ea, dv2215tx, dv2255br, dv2218tx, dv2276ea, dv2221us

HP Pavilion DV2300 series
dv2369ea, dv2312us, dv2386ea, dv2302tu, dv2315tx, dv2304tu, dv2320us, dv2306au, dv2326ea, dv2308tu, dv2351ea, dv2310tx, dv2370ea, dv2300, dv2313ca, dv2395ea, dv2302tx, dv2315us, dv2304tx, dv2322la, dv2306ea, dv2327ea, dv2308tx, dv2352ea, dv2310us, dv2375ea, dv2301au, dv2313cl, dv2396ea, dv2303au, dv2316tx, dv2305au, dv2323ea, dv2306tu, dv2335ea, dv2309tu, dv2354ea, dv2311tu, dv2383ea, dv2301tu, dv2313tx, dv2303tu, dv2317ca, dv2305ea, dv2324ea, dv2306tx, dv2336ea, dv2309tx, dv2355ea, dv2311tx, dv2384ea, dv2301tx, dv2314tx, dv2303tx, dv2317us, dv2305tu, dv2325ea, dv2307tu, dv2344ea, dv2310ca, dv2363ea, dv2312tx, dv2385ea, dv2302au, dv2315nr, dv2304au, dv2320la, dv2305tx, dv2325la, dv2307tx, dv2348ea, dv2310tu

HP Pavilion DV2400 series
dv2425la, dv2409tx, dv2410us, dv2401tx, dv2413tx, dv2403tu, dv2416us, dv2405au, dv2420la, dv2407TU, dv2432ca, dv2410ca, dv2411tx, dv2402au, dv2414tx, dv2403tx, dv2418ca, dv2405tu, dv2420us, dv2408ca, dv2440ez, dv2410ef, dv2412ca, dv2402ca, dv2415es, dv2404au, dv2419us, dv2405tx, dv2422ca, dv2408tu, dv2410ep, dv2400, dv2412tx, dv2402tu, dv2415nr, dv2404ca, dv2420ef, dv2406au, dv2422la, dv2408tx, dv2410et, dv2401au, dv2413ca, dv2402tx, dv2415tx, dv2404tu, dv2420en, dv2406TU, dv2423la, dv2409tu, dv2410tx, dv2401tu, dv2413cl, dv2403au, dv2415us, dv2404tx, dv2420et, dv2406tx

HP Pavilion DV2600 series
dv2625tx, dv2611tu, dv2630ea, dv2601tx, dv2613tu, dv2634tx, dv2602xx, dv2616tx, dv2604tx, dv2660se, dv2620tx, dv2607tx, dv2622tx, dv2610ca, dv2626la, dv2611tx, dv2630es, dv2601xx, dv2613tx, dv2635la, dv2603au, dv2617tx, dv2605tu, dv2620us, dv2608ca, dv2623tx, dv2610es, dv2626tx, dv2612ca, dv2630tx, dv2602au, dv2614tx, dv2635tx, dv2603tu, dv2617us, dv2605tx, dv2621la, dv2608tu, dv2624la, dv2610tu, dv2627tx, dv2600, dv2612tu, dv2631tx, dv2602ca, dv2615nr, dv2636tx, dv2603tx, dv2618tx, dv2606tu, dv2621tx, dv2608tx, dv2624tx, dv2610tx, dv2628tx, dv2601au, dv2612tx, dv2632tx, dv2602tu, dv2615tx, dv2637tx, dv2604au, dv2619tx, dv2606tx, dv2622ca, dv2609tu, dv2625la, dv2610us, dv2629tx, dv2601tu, dv2613cl, dv2633tx, dv2602tx, dv2615us, dv2604tu, dv2645er, dv2620ca, dv2607tu, dv2622la, dv2609tx

HP Pavilion DV4000 series
dv4024AP, dv4007XX, dv4029EA, dv4013AP, dv4040EA, dv4016AP, dv4050EA, dv4018EA, dv4060EA, dv4001XX, dv4021EA, dv4085EA, dv4005US, dv4024EA, dv4008AP, dv4030CA, dv4014AP, dv4040US, dv4016EA, dv4051EA, dv4000, dv4019AP, dv4070EA, dv4002AP, dv4022AP, dv4086EA, dv4005XX, dv4025AP, dv4009AP, dv4030EA, dv4014EA, dv4043EA, dv4017AP, dv4052EA, dv4000LA, dv4019EA, dv4073EA, dv4003AP, dv4022EA, dv4006AP, dv4025EA, dv4010AP, dv4030US, dv4015AP, dv4045EA, dv4017EA, dv4054EA, dv4000XX, dv4020AP, dv4075EA, dv4004AP, dv4023AP, dv4006XX, dv4026AP, dv4011AP, dv4031EA, dv4015CL, dv4046EA, dv4018AP, dv4056EA, dv4001AP, dv4020EA, dv4078EA, dv4004XX, dv4023EA, dv4007AP, dv4027EA, dv4012AP, dv4040CA, dv4015EA, dv4049EA, dv4018CL, dv4057EA, dv4001EA, dv4021AP, dv4080EA, dv4005AP

HP Pavilion DV4100 series
dv4124AP, dv4102EA, dv4150us, dv4126EA, dv4107AP, dv4155EA, dv4129us, dv4110EA, dv4160EA, dv4135EA, dv4115AP, dv4165EA, dv4140EA, dv4120AP, dv4182EA, dv4146EA, dv4124EA, dv4103AP, dv4151EA, dv4127AP, dv4108AP, dv4155us, dv4130AP, dv4111AP, dv4161EA, dv4135LA, dv4115EA, dv4170ca, dv4141EA, dv4199EA, dv4121AP, dv4148EA, dv4125AP, dv4103EA, dv4152EA, dv4128AP, dv4108EA, dv4156EA, dv4130ea, dv4112AP, dv4162EA, dv4136EA, dv4116AP, dv4170us, dv4142EA, dv4122AP, dv4100, dv4149EA, dv4125EA, dv4104AP, dv4153EA, dv4128EA, dv4109AP, dv4157EA, dv4130us, dv4113AP, dv4163EA, dv4137EA, dv4117AP, dv4174EA, dv4143EA, dv4122EA, dv4101AP, dv4150ca, dv4125us, dv4105AP, dv4154EA, dv4129AP, dv4109EA, dv4158EA, dv4131EA, dv4113EA, dv4164EA, dv4138EA, dv4118AP, dv4176EA, dv4144EA, dv4123AP, dv4102AP, dv4150EA, dv4126AP, dv4106AP, dv4155cl, dv4129EA, dv4110AP, dv4159EA, dv4134EA, dv4114AP, dv4165cl, dv4139EA, dv4119AP, dv4178EA, dv4145EA

HP Pavilion DV4200 series
dv4201TU, dv4250ca, dv4217cl, dv4294EA, dv4202xx, dv4254EA, dv4221TX, dv4204TU, dv4269EA, dv4224TX, dv4206TU, dv4272EA, dv4227EA, dv4208TX, dv4277EA, dv4236EA, dv4213TX, dv4287EA, dv4201TX, dv4250EA, dv4217TX, dv4295EA, dv4203EA, dv4257us, dv4222TX, dv4204TX, dv4269us, dv4225EA, dv4206TX, dv4272us, dv4230us, dv4209TX, dv4280EA, dv4241EA, dv4214TX, dv4288EA, dv4201xx, dv4250us, dv4218EA, dv4296EA, dv4203TU, dv4261EA, dv4223cl, dv4205EA, dv4270ca, dv4225nr, dv4207EA, dv4273EA, dv4231EA, dv4210TX, dv4282EA, dv4200, dv4243EA, dv4215TX, dv4289EA, dv4202EA, dv4251EA, dv4218TX, dv4203TX, dv4264EA, dv4223EA, dv4205TU, dv4270EA, dv4225TX, dv4207TU, dv4275EA, dv4232EA, dv4211TX, dv4283EA, dv4200EA, dv4245EA, dv4216EA, dv4290EA, dv4202TU, dv4253EA, dv4219TX, dv4203xx, dv4266EA, dv4223TX, dv4205TX, dv4270us, dv4226EA, dv4207TX, dv4275nr, dv4234EA, dv4212TX, dv4284EA, dv4201EA, dv4246EA, dv4216TX, dv4291EA, dv4202TX, dv4253US, dv4220TX, dv4204EA, dv4268EA, dv4224EA, dv4206EA, dv4271EA, dv4226TX, dv4208EA, dv4276EA, dv4235

HP Pavilion DV4300 series
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HP Pavilion DV4400 series
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HP Pavilion DV5000 series
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HP Pavilion DV5100 series
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HP Pavilion DV5200 series
dv5236om, dv5211eu, dv5293ea, dv5225ca, dv5201tx, dv5264ea, dv5238ea, dv5214tx, dv5299xx, dv5226tx, dv5203tx, dv5272ea, dv5240us, dv5216tx, dv5230tx, dv5205tx, dv5277ea, dv5244ea, dv5219tx, dv5233ea, dv5208ea, dv5280ea, dv5221tx, dv5247eu, dv5235ca, dv5210ca, dv5286ea, dv5223tx, dv5200, dv5250us, dv5236tx, dv5211tx, dv5294ea, dv5225ea, dv5202eu, dv5266ea, dv5239ea, dv5215ca, dv5227tx, dv5204ea, dv5273ea, dv5241ea, dv5217cl, dv5230us, dv5206ea, dv5277eu, dv5244eu, dv5220ca, dv5233eu, dv5208tu, dv5281ea, dv5222eu, dv5248ea, dv5235ea, dv5210ea, dv5287ea, dv5224ea, dv5200tu, dv5251ea, dv5237ca, dv5212ea, dv5295ea, dv5225tx, dv5202tu, dv5267ea, dv5239tx, dv5215tx, dv5228tx, dv5204tu, dv5274ea, dv5241tx, dv5217tx, dv5231eu, dv5206tu, dv5278ea, dv5220eu, dv5245ea, dv5233tx, dv5208tx, dv5282ea, dv5222nr, dv5248eu, dv5235tx, dv5210tx, dv5288ea, dv5224eu, dv5200tx, dv5252ea, dv5237cl, dv5212tx, dv5296ea, dv5226ca, dv5202tx, dv5269ea, dv5240ca, dv5215us, dv5229om, dv5204tx, dv5275ea, dv5242ea, dv5218ea, dv5231tx, dv5206

HP Pavilion DV5300 series

HP Pavilion DV6500 series
dv6599ew, dv6580ec, dv6581ee, dv6598ee, dv6599eg, dv6580ee, dv6590ec, dv6598eg, dv6599el, dv6573et, dv6580el, dv6590ep, dv6599ea, dv6599en, dv6575ef, dv6580en, dv6590et, dv6599eb, dv6599eo, dv6575et, dv6580es, dv6594es, dv6599ee, dv6599et, dv6579et, dv6580et, dv6597es, dv6599ef

HP Pavilion DV6600 series
dv6662se, dv6611ca, dv6626tx, dv6670eg, dv6614es, dv6602ax, dv6629us, dv6680ej, dv6616tx, dv6603tu, dv6640er, dv6620ej, dv6605ca, dv6646us, dv6622ca, dv6607tx, dv6653us, dv6625ca, dv6663ca, dv6611ed, dv6600, dv6626us, dv6670ej, dv6614tx, dv6602tu, dv6630ej, dv6690ej, dv6617ed, dv6603tx, dv6640ew, dv6620em, dv6605ed, dv6647cl, dv6622ef, dv6608tx, dv6654us, dv6625ew, dv6663cl, dv6611tx, dv6601au, dv6627ca, dv6670er, dv6615eg, dv6602tx, dv6630er, dv6699er, dv6617tx, dv6604au, dv6640us, dv6620er, dv6605tx, dv6647nr, dv6622em, dv6609tx, dv6660ej, dv6625tx, dv6663us, dv6612ca, dv6601ax, dv6627om, dv6670ew, dv6615es, dv6603au, dv6633us, dv6699es, dv6618ca, dv6604cl, dv6642ca, dv6620la, dv6605us, dv6648se, dv6622tx, dv6610ew, dv6660se, dv6625us, dv6664es, dv6612tx, dv6601tu, dv6628us, dv6672us, dv6615ew, dv6603ax, dv6635es, dv6699ew, dv6618tx, dv6604nr, dv6645ca, dv6620tx, dv6606tx, dv6650er, dv6623tx, dv6610tx, dv6661se, dv6626ca, dv6670ca, dv6613tx, dv6602au, dv6629ca, dv6675us, dv6615tx, dv6603ca, dv6636nr, dv6619

HP Pavilion DV8400 series
dv8408us, dv8400

HP Pavilion DV9600 series
dv9631em, dv9608tx, dv9644ca, dv9610us, dv9650us, dv9614tx, dv9680ed, dv9623ca, dv9603au, dv9626us, dv9606tx, dv9634ca, dv9609tx, dv9645ed, dv9611tx, dv9653cl, dv9615ca, dv9600, dv9681er, dv9623cl, dv9603tx, dv9627cl, dv9607tx, dv9635ca, dv9610ca, dv9645ef, dv9612ca, dv9657cl, dv9615tx, dv9601au, dv9683es, dv9623ed, dv9604au, dv9628nr, dv9608ca, dv9638us, dv9610ef, dv9645em, dv9612tx, dv9657em, dv9616tx, dv9601tx, dv9685eg, dv9625ca, dv9604tx, dv9630ef, dv9608es, dv9640ca, dv9610em, dv9646em, dv9613tx, dv9660eg, dv9618ca, dv9602au, dv9689ea, dv9625er, dv9605tx, dv9631ef, dv9608nr, dv9640us, dv9610tx, dv9650es, dv9614ca, dv9670ed, dv9620us, dv9602tx, dv9695ef, dv9625ew, dv9606ca

HP Pavilion DX6600 series
dx6600, dx6650ca, dx6650us, dx6653ca, dx6665ca, dx6667cl

HP Pavilion DX6700 series

HP G G3000 Series
G3050EA, G3051EA, G3100, G3000, G3000EA

HP G G5000 Series
G5052EA, G5060EP, G5009EA, G5050EO, G5055EA, G5060ET, G5010EM, G5050ET, G5056EA, G5060EV, G5001TU, G5040EA, G5000, G5050EW, G5060EF, G5071TU, G5002EA, G5042EA, G5051EA, G5060EG, G5002TU, G5050EA, G5051TU, G5060EO, G5003EA, G5050EI

HP G G6000 Series
G6030EM, G6050EG, G6050EM, G6065EA, G6010EG, G6030EG

HP G G7000 Series
G7010EG, G7025EG, G7010EW, G7018EP, G7000, G7020EF, G7001TU, G7020EJ, G7002TU, G7023EZ

HP Special Edition L Series
L2005CM, L2099XX, L2310CU, L2005CO, L2105CA, L2000, L2005CU, L2105CL, L2005A3, L2005CX, L2105NR, L2005A4, L2005US, L2205NR, L2005CL, L2098XX, L2300

HP Pavilion TX1000 series
tx1002au, tx1007au, tx1013au, tx1021au, tx1002xx, tx1008au, tx1014au, tx1030ea, tx1000, tx1003au, tx1009au, tx1016au, tx1030la, tx1000z, tx1004au, tx1010au, tx1017au, tx1040ea, tx1001au, tx1005au, tx1011au, tx1020au, tx1070br, tx1001xx, tx1006au, tx1012au, tx1020ea, tx1080ea

HP Pavilion TX1100 series
tx1105au, tx1119us, tx1128ea, tx1151ea, tx1100, tx1106au, tx1120us, tx1129ea, tx1101au, tx1107au, tx1125ea, tx1137ea, tx1102au, tx1110ca, tx1126ea, tx1138ea, tx1103au, tx1110us, tx1127cl, tx1140ea, tx1104au, tx1115nr, tx1127ea, tx1150ea

HP Pavilion TX1200 series
tx1212au, tx1217au, tx1228ca, tx1250el, tx1205au, tx1270ed, tx1209au, tx1213au, tx1217cl, tx1240ef, tx1230la, tx1200, tx1250en, tx1205us, tx1270eo, tx1210au, tx1214au, tx1218au, tx1240er, tx1232la, tx1201au, tx1250eo, tx1206au, tx1270ep, tx1210ca, tx1215au, tx1218ca, tx1250ea, tx1202au, tx1250es, tx1207au, tx1270es, tx1210us, tx1215nr, tx1220ca, tx1250ee, tx1203au, tx1250et, tx1208au, tx1280er, tx1211au, tx1216au, tx1220us, tx1250eg, tx1204au, tx12560ea, tx1208ca

HP Pavilion TX1300 series
tx1325ep, tx1305ca, tx1332la, tx1308ca, tx1350ef, tx1313au, tx1390ef, tx1318au, tx1320eo, tx1302au, tx1325es, tx1305us, tx1340ea, tx1308nr, tx1350el, tx1314au, tx1318ca, tx1320er, tx1303au, tx1325nr, tx1306au, tx1340es, tx1309au, tx1350en, tx1314ca, tx1319au, tx1320es, tx1304au, tx1327cl, tx1306nr, tx1345eo, tx1310au, tx1350er, tx1315au, tx1320au, tx1320us, tx1304ca, tx1330es, tx1307au, tx1350ed, tx1311au, tx1350et, tx1316au, tx1320ca, tx1321au, tx1305au, tx1330la, tx1308au, tx1350ee, tx1312au, tx1360er, tx1317au, tx1320eg, tx1301au

HP Pavilion TX1400 series
tx1410us, tx1420ca, tx1400, tx1414ca, tx1420us, tx1401au, tx1416ca, tx1402au, tx1417cl, tx1403au, tx1418ca, tx1404au, tx1419nr

HP Pavilion TX2000 series
tx2025au, tx2001au, tx2030ee, tx2006au, tx2051xx, tx2010er, tx2015au, tx2020eo, tx2026au, tx2002au, tx2030en, tx2007au, tx2052xx, tx2010es, tx2016au, tx2021au, tx2027au, tx2003au, tx2031au, tx2008au, tx2011au, tx2017au, tx2022au, tx2000ed, tx2028au, tx2004au, tx2032au, tx2009au, tx2012au, tx2018au, tx2023au, tx2000es, tx2029au, tx2005/CT, tx2033au, tx2010au, tx2013au, tx2019au, tx2024au, tx2000, tx2030au, tx2005au, tx2050ef, tx2010eo, tx2014au, tx2020au

HP Pavilion TX2100 series
tx2117cl, tx2140eg, tx2101au, tx2106au, tx2110es, tx2120es, tx2150ee, tx2102au, tx2107au, tx2110us, tx2120us, tx2150ef, tx2100, tx2103au, tx2108au, tx2113cl, tx2130el, tx2150ei, tx2100ed, tx2104au, tx2108ca, tx2114ca, tx2130es, tx2170ee, tx2100ep, tx2104ca, tx2109au, tx2115nr, tx2130et, tx2100er, tx2105au, tx2110ca

HP Pavilion TX2500 series
tx2501au, tx2502au, tx2551xx, tx2500

HP Pavilion ZE1000 series

HP Pavilion ZE1100 series
ze1145, ze1110, ze1115

HP Pavilion ZE1200 series
ze1250, ze1201, ze1202, ze1210, ze1230, ze1238

HP Pavilion ZE2000 series
ze2001EA, ze2021EA, ze2004US, ze2026EA, ze2007EA, ze2040EA, ze2010EA, ze2060EA, ze2015EA, ze2090EA, ze2020AP, ze2001XX, ze2022AP, ze2005AP, ze2027EA, ze2008AP, ze2044EA, ze2011AP, ze2062EA, ze2015us, ze2091EA, ze2000, ze2020BR, ze2002AP, ze2022EA, ze2005EA, ze2028EA, ze2008wm, ze2045EA, ze2012AP, ze2064EA, ze2016AP, ze2099XX, ze2000t, ze2020CA, ze2002EA, ze2023EA, ze2005US, ze2030BR, ze2009AP, ze2050EA, ze2013AP, ze2065EA, ze2017AP, ze2000z, ze2020EA, ze2003AP, ze2024EA, ze2006AP, ze2039EA, ze2010AP, ze2055EA, ze2014AP, ze2068EA, ze2018AP, ze2001AP, ze2021AP, ze2004AP, ze2025EA, ze2007AP, ze2040BR, ze2010BR, ze2058EA, ze2015AP, ze2070EA, ze2019AP

HP Pavilion ZE2100 series
ze2102EA, ze2160EA, ze2108EA, ze2111EA, ze2115EA, ze2120ca, ze2140EA, ze2103EA, ze2108wm, ze2112EA, ze2115us, ze2125EA, ze2145EA, ze2104EA, ze2109EA, ze2113EA, ze2116EA, ze2128EA, ze2150EA, ze2105EA, ze2109us, ze2113us, ze2117EA, ze2129EA, ze2100, ze2151EA, ze2106EA, ze2110EA, ze2114EA, ze2117us, ze2130EA, ze2101EA, ze2155EA, ze2107EA, ze2110us, ze2114us, ze2119EA, ze2139EA

HP Pavilion ZE2200 series
ze2211AP, ze2287EA, ze2215TU, ze2299XX, ze2202EA, ze2220EA, ze2204EA, ze2228EA, ze2206EA, ze2247EA, ze2209au, ze2274EA, ze2211au, ze2288EA, ze2200, ze2216EA, ze2202XX, ze2220LA, ze2205AP, ze2229EA, ze2207AP, ze2250EA, ze2209XX, ze2275EA, ze2212AP, ze2290EA, ze2201AP, ze2216TU, ze2203AP, ze2221EA, ze2205AU, ze2240EA, ze2207AU, ze2251EA, ze2210AP, ze2276EA, ze2213TU, ze2296XX, ze2201EA, ze2217TU, ze2203EA, ze2223EA, ze2205EA, ze2241EA, ze2208AP, ze2260EA, ze2210au, ze2284EA, ze2214TU, ze2297XX, ze2201XX, ze2218tu, ze2204AP, ze2225EA, ze2206AP, ze2242EA, ze2208AU, ze2262EA, ze2210BR, ze2285EA, ze2215EA, ze2298XX, ze2202AP, ze2220BR, ze2204AU, ze2227EA, ze2206AU, ze2245EA, ze2209AP, ze2265EA

HP Pavilion ZE2300 series
ze2356EA, ze2372EA, ze2309EA, ze2315us, ze2347EA, ze2357EA, ze2397EA, ze2300, ze2309nr, ze2320LA, ze2348EA, ze2358EA, ze2398EA, ze2301EA, ze2310EA, ze2343EA, ze2349EA, ze2366EA, ze2302EA, ze2311EA, ze2344EA, ze2354EA, ze2370EA, ze2308EA, ze2312EA, ze2345EA, ze2355EA, ze2371EA, ze2308wm, ze2313EA, ze2346EA

HP Pavilion ZE2400 series
ze2405ea, ze2420la, ze2409ea, ze2430br, ze2410br, ze2400, ze2410ea, ze2401ea, ze2415ea, ze2401xt, ze2420br

HP Pavilion ZE2500 series
ze2504au, ze2505au, ze2500, ze2506au, ze2501au, ze2507au, ze2502au, ze2508au, ze2503au

HP Pavilion ZE4900 series
ze4925EA, ze4950EA, ze4903EA, ze4930LA, ze4956EA, ze4906us, ze4934EA, ze4965EA, ze4910LA, ze4939EA, ze4914EA, ze4942us, ze4920EA, ze4947EA, ze4901, ze4926EA, ze4951EA, ze4903us, ze4930us, ze4957EA, ze4907EA, ze4935EA, ze4995EA, ze4910us, ze4940EA, ze4915EA, ze4943EA, ze4920LA, ze4947wm, ze4901EA, ze4927EA, ze4952EA, ze4904EA, ze4931EA, ze4958EA, ze4907wm, ze4935wm, ze4911EA, ze4940LA, ze4916EA, ze4944EA, ze4921EA, ze4948EA, ze4901us, ze4928EA, ze4953EA, ze4904us, ze4932EA, ze4960EA, ze4908EA, ze4936EA, ze4911us, ze4941EA, ze4917EA, ze4945EA, ze4922EA, ze4949EA, ze4902, ze4929EA, ze4954EA, ze4905EA, ze4933EA, ze4961EA, ze4908us, ze4937EA, ze4912EA, ze4941us, ze4918EA, ze4946cl, ze4923EA, ze4949US, ze4902EA, ze4930EA, ze4955EA, ze4906EA, ze4933us, ze4962EA, ze4910EA, ze4938EA, ze4913EA, ze4942EA, ze4919cl, ze4946EA, ze4900

HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series
zt3017EA, zt3044AP, zt3020AP, zt3050AP, zt3023AP, zt3028AP, zt3010EA, zt3033AP, zt3014AP, zt3039AP, zt3017LA, zt3045AP, zt3020EA, zt3050EA, zt3024AP, zt3029AP, zt3010US, zt3034AP, zt3015AP, zt3040AP, zt3017WM, zt3046AP, zt3020US, zt3051AP, zt3024EA, zt3000, zt3030AP, zt3011AP, zt3035AP, zt3015EA, zt3041AP, zt3018AP, zt3047AP, zt3021AP, zt3057LA, zt3025AP, zt3001US, zt3030EA, zt3012AP, zt3036AP, zt3016AP, zt3042AP, zt3019AP, zt3048AP, zt3022AP, zt3068CL, zt3026AP, zt3007LA, zt3031AP, zt3012EA, zt3037AP, zt3017AP, zt3043AP, zt3019EA, zt3049AP, zt3022EA, zt3027AP, zt3010AP, zt3032AP, zt3013AP, zt3038AP

HP Pavilion ZT3100 Series
zt3101EA, zt3113EA, zt3131EA, zt3101US, zt3114EA, zt3140US, zt3105EA, zt3115EA, zt3170US, zt3106EA, zt3116EA, zt3110EA, zt3120EA, zt3100, zt3111EA, zt3130EA

HP Pavilion ZT3200 Series
zt3201us, zt3232AP, zt3207AP, zt3240EA, zt3211EA, zt3280us, zt3215AP, zt3220AP, zt3225AP, zt3202AP, zt3232EA, zt3208AP, zt3241EA, zt3212AP, zt3215EA, zt3220EA, zt3228AP, zt3203AP, zt3235AP, zt3209AP, zt3242EA, zt3212EA, zt3216AP, zt3221AP, zt3229AP, zt3204AP, zt3236AP, zt3210AP, zt3250, zt3213AP, zt3217AP, zt3222AP, zt3200, zt3230AP, zt3205AP, zt3237AP, zt3210EA, zt3250us, zt3214AP, zt3218AP, zt3223AP, zt3201AP, zt3231AP, zt3206AP, zt3239EA, zt3211AP, zt3260EA, zt3214EA, zt3219AP, zt3224AP

HP Pavilion ZT3300 Series
zt3312EA, zt3377LA, zt3340EA, zt3316AP, zt3345AP, zt3320EA, zt3350AP, zt3326AP, zt3303AP, zt3353AP, zt3330EA, zt3309AP, zt3358AP, zt3336AP, zt3313AP, zt3379LA, zt3340us, zt3316EA, zt3346AP, zt3321AP, zt3300, zt3350EA, zt3327AP, zt3304AP, zt3354AP, zt3331AP, zt3310AP, zt3359AP, zt3337AP, zt3314AP, zt3380LA, zt3341AP, zt3317AP, zt3347AP, zt3322AP, zt3301AP, zt3350us, zt3328AP, zt3305AP, zt3355AP, zt3332AP, zt3310EA, zt3360AP, zt3338AP, zt3380us, zt3314EA, zt3342AP, zt3318AP, zt3348AP, zt3323AP, zt3301us, zt3351AP, zt3329AP, zt3306AP, zt3355us, zt3333AP, zt3311AP, zt3368EA, zt3339AP, zt3380XX, zt3315AP, zt3343AP, zt3319AP, zt3349AP, zt3324AP, zt3302AP, zt3351EA, zt3329EA, zt3307AP, zt3356AP, zt3334AP, zt3312AP, zt3370EA, zt3340AP, zt3315EA, zt3344AP, zt3320AP, zt3349cl, zt3325AP, zt3302us, zt3352AP, zt3330AP, zt3308AP, zt3357AP, zt3335AP

HP Pavilion ZT3400 Series
zt3418EA, zt3451EA, zt3464EA, zt3420EA, zt3459EA, zt3465EA, zt3440EA, zt3460EA, zt3447EA, zt3461EA, zt3449EA, zt3462EA, zt3400, zt3450EA, zt3463EA

Asus A8 Series
A81, A86, A88

Asus M5 Series

Asus W3 Series
W3V, W3A, W3N

Asus Z8 Series
Z8100K, Z82, Z8000H, Z80DC, Z80T, Z8100Ka, Z8200, Z80, Z8000K, Z80G, Z81, Z8100L, Z8200N, Z8000, Z8000L, Z80H, Z8100, Z81D, Z82N, Z8000D, Z8000S, Z80K, Z8100D, Z81G, Z8000DC, Z8000T, Z80L, Z8100G, Z81L, Z8000G, Z80D, Z80S

Compaq Presario A900 Series
A930EL, A910EM, A986EO, A900EO, A960ED, A934TU, A904TU, A962TU, A937TU, A909US, A967TU, A940EG, A915EF, A970EG, A945EF, A920EN, A971TU, A950EF, A930ET, A935EM, A900ES, A960EF, A935EA, A905TU, A963TU, A938CA, A910CA, A968TU, A940EL, A915EL, A970EL, A945EM, A924CA, A972TU, A950EL, A931NR, A900ET, A960EM, A935EG, A906TU, A964TU, A938TU, A910EG, A969TU, A940ES, A916NR, A970EM, A945US, A925EF, A975EM, A950EM, A931TU, A901TU, A960EO, A935TU, A907TU, A965EF, A939CA, A910EL, A970ED, A940NR, A918CA, A970EO, A948CA, A928CA, A900, A980EL, A950EO, A932TU, A902TU, A961EM, A936CA, A908TU, A965TU, A940CA, A910TU, A970EE, A944CA, A920EE, A970ES, A949NR, A930CA, A910, A980EO, A900ED, A950ES, A933TU, A903TU, A961TU, A936TU, A909TU, A966TU, A940ED, A913CL, A970EF, A945EE, A920EG, A970TU, A950ED

Compaq Presario B1000 Series
B1955TU, B1963TU, B1970TU, B1977TU, B1014, B1983TU, B1950TU, B1956TU, B1964TU, B1971TU, B1978TU, B1015, B1984TU, B1951TU, B1957TU, B1965TU, B1972TU, B1000, B1979TU, B1015A, B1986TU, B1952TU, B1958TU, B1966TU, B1974TU, B1010, B1980TU, B1953TU, B1959TU, B1967TU, B1975TU, B1011, B1981TU, B1954TU, B1962TU, B1969TU, B1976TU, B1013, B1982TU

Compaq Presario M2000 Series
M2028AP, M2008AP, M2065EA, M2039AP, M2032AP, M2011AP, M2045AP, M2036AP, M2015CL, M2050AP, M2019AP, M2001XX, M2054AP, M2023AP, M2005AP, M2058AP, M2029AP, M2009AP, M2070EA, M2040AP, M2033AP, M2011EA, M2046AP, M2037AP, M2015LA, M2000, M2050EA, M2019EA, M2002AL, M2054EA, M2024AP, M2005US, M2059AP, M2030AP, M2010AP, M2071EA, M2041AP, M2034AP, M2012AP, M2046EA, M2038AP, M2016AP, M2000Z, M2051AP, M2020AP, M2002AP, M2055AP, M2025AP, M2006AP, M2060AP, M2030EA, M2010CA, M2075EA, M2042AP, M2034EA, M2013AP, M2047AP, M2017AP, M2001AL, M2052AP, M2020EA, M2003AL, M2055EA, M2026AP, M2007AP, M2061AP, M2031AP, M2010EA, M2099xx, M2043AP, M2035AP, M2014AP, M2048AP, M2018AP, M2001AP, M2052EA, M2021AP, M2003AP, M2056AP, M2027AP, M2007US, M2062AP, M2031EA, M2010US, M2044AP, M2035EA, M2015AP, M2049AP, M2018LA, M2001EA, M2053AP, M2022, M2004AP, M2057AP

Compaq Presario M2100 Series
M2101EA, M2108US, M2140EA, M2101US, M2113EA, M2145EA, M2105CA, M2125EA, M2150EA, M2105EA, M2128EA, M2155EA, M2105US, M2130EA, M2175EA, M2100, M2108EA, M2131EA

Compaq Presario M2200 Series
M2202TU, M2244AU, M2260AU, M2223AP, M2205EA, M2246EA, M2263AU, M2229AP, M2207TU, M2249AP, M2266TU, M2234AP, M2210EA, M2252AP, M2272TU, M2239AU, M2215AP, M2255AP, M2201AP, M2299XX, M2242AP, M2218AP, M2257TU, M2203AP, M2245AP, M2260TU, M2224AP, M2205TU, M2247AP, M2263TU, M2230AP, M2208AP, M2249AU, M2267TU, M2235AP, M2211AP, M2252AU, M2273TU, M2240AP, M2215EA, M2255AU, M2201EA, M2242AU, M2219AP, M2258AU, M2203AU, M2245AU, M2261AU, M2225AP, M2206AP, M2247AU, M2264AU, M2230EA, M2208EA, M2250AP, M2268TU, M2236AP, M2212AP, M2253AP, M2274TU, M2240AU, M2215LA, M2255EA, M2201TU, M2243AP, M2258TU, M2220AP, M2204AP, M2245EA, M2261TU, M2226AP, M2206TU, M2248AP, M2264TU, M2231AP, M2208TU, M2250AU, M2269TU, M2237AP, M2213AP, M2253AU, M2275TU, M2241AP, M2216AP, M2256AU, M2202AP, M2243AU, M2259AU, M2221AP, M2204TU, M2246AP, M2262AU, M2227AP, M2207AP, M2248AU, M2265AU, M2232AP, M2209AP, M2251AP, M2270TU, M2238AP, M2214AP, M2254AP, M2276TU, M2241AU, M2217AP, M2256TU, M2202EA, M2244AP, M2259TU, M2222AP, M2205AP, M2246AU, M2262TU

Compaq Presario M2300 Series
M2305NR, M2355EA, M2308EA, M2356EA, M2300, M2310LA, M2357EA, M2301NR, M2316EA, M2358EA, M2301XX, M2318LA, M2370EA, M2302EA, M2350EA, M2397EA

Compaq Presario M2400 Series
M2400, M2412EA, M2401EA, M2425LA, M2401XT, M2405LA, M2406EA, M2411EA

Compaq Presario M2500 Series
M2529TU, M2508AU, M2511AU, M2514AU, M2518TU, M2502TU, M2524TU, M2505TU, M2599XX, M2508TU, M2511TU, M2514TU, M2519TU, M2503AU, M2525TU, M2506AU, M2509AU, M2512AU, M2515LA, M2500, M2520TU, M2503TU, M2526TU, M2506TU, M2509TU, M2512TU, M2515TU, M2501AU, M2521TU, M2504AU, M2527TU, M2507AU, M2510AU, M2513AU, M2516TU, M2501TU, M2522TU, M2504TU, M2528TU, M2507TU, M2510TU, M2513TU, M2517TU, M2502AU, M2523TU, M2505AU

Compaq EVO N800 Series

Compaq Presario V2000 Series
V2023AP, V2001XX, V2029AP, V2006AP, V2034AP, V2009XX, V2039AP, V2012AP, V2044AP, V2018AP, V2024AP, V2002AP, V2030AP, V2007AP, V2035AP, V2010AP, V2040AP, V2013AP, V2045AP, V2019AP, V2000, V2025AP, V2002XX, V2030US, V2008AP, V2035EA, V2010EA, V2040EA, V2014AP, V2046AP, V2020AP, V2000T, V2026AP, V2003AP, V2031AP, V2009AP, V2036AP, V2010LA, V2041AP, V2015AP, V2047AP, V2021AP, V2000Z, V2027AP, V2004AP, V2032AP, V2009EA, V2037AP, V2010US, V2042AP, V2016AP, V2069CL, V2022AP, V2001AP, V2028AP, V2005AP, V2033AP, V2009LA, V2038AP, V2011AP, V2043AP, V2017AP

Compaq Presario V2100 Series
V2100, V2157AP, V2132AP, V2106AP, V2163AP, V2137AP, V2110US, V2141AP, V2116AP, V2146CL, V2121AP, V2152AP, V2127AP, V2101AP, V2158AP, V2133AP, V2107AP, V2164AP, V2138AP, V2111AP, V2142AP, V2117AP, V2147AP, V2122AP, V2153AP, V2128AP, V2102AP, V2159AP, V2134AP, V2108AP, V2165AP, V2139AP, V2112AP, V2143AP, V2118AP, V2148AP, V2123AP, V2154AP, V2129AP, V2103AP, V2160AP, V2135AP, V2109AP, V2140AP, V2113AP, V2144AP, V2119AP, V2149AP, V2124AP, V2155AP, V2130AP, V2104AP, V2161AP, V2135US, V2110AP, V2140CA, V2114AP, V2145AP, V2120AP, V2150AP, V2125AP, V2156AP, V2131AP, V2105AP, V2162AP, V2136AP, V2110CA, V2140US, V2115AP, V2146AP, V2120EA, V2151AP, V2126AP

Compaq Presario V2200 Series
V2210CA, V2210US, V2220US, V2200, V2250EA, V2205US, V2208CL

Compaq Presario V2300 Series
V2337AP, V2399XX, V2311US, V2372AP, V2343AP, V2316AP, V2378TU, V2349AP, V2321US, V2384TU, V2302AP, V2355TU, V2327AP, V2390TU, V2305US, V2361AP, V2333AP, V2396TU, V2309US, V2367AP, V2338AP, V2312AP, V2373AP, V2344AP, V2317AP, V2379TU, V2350AP, V2322AP, V2385TU, V2303AP, V2356AP, V2328AP, V2391TU, V2306AP, V2362TU, V2334AP, V2397TU, V2310AP, V2368TU, V2339AP, V2312US, V2374AP, V2345AP, V2318AP, V2380TU, V2351AP, V2323AP, V2386TU, V2304AP, V2357TU, V2329AP, V2392TU, V2306US, V2363AP, V2335AP, V2398TU, V2310CA, V2369AP, V2340AP, V2313AP, V2375TU, V2346AP, V2319AP, V2381TU, V2352AP, V2324TU, V2387TU, V2304US, V2358AP, V2330AP, V2393TU, V2307AP, V2364AP, V2335US, V2398XX, V2310US, V2370AP, V2341AP, V2314AP, V2376TU, V2347AP, V2320AP, V2382TU, V2300, V2353AP, V2325AP, V2388TU, V2305AP, V2359AP, V2331AP, V2394TU, V2308AP, V2365AP, V2336AP, V2399TU, V2311AP, V2371AP, V2342AP, V2315AP, V2377TU, V2348AP, V2321AP, V2383TU, V2301AP, V2354AP, V2326AP, V2389TU, V2305CA, V2360AP, V2332AP, V2395TU, V2309AP, V2366AP

Compaq Presario V2400 Series
V2430AU, V2412AU, V2401TU, V2436AU, V2415AU, V2403NR, V2417LA, V2405CA, V2420AU, V2407TU, V2425AU, V2410CA, V2431AU, V2400, V2412TU, V2401XX, V2437AU, V2415LA, V2403TU, V2417TU, V2405TU, V2421AU, V2408AU, V2426AU, V2410TU, V2400AU, V2432AU, V2413AU, V2402AU, V2415TU, V2404AU, V2418AU, V2405US, V2422AU, V2408TU, V2427AU, V2410US, V2400TU, V2433AU, V2413US, V2402TU, V2416AU, V2404TU, V2418TU, V2406AU, V2423AU, V2409AU, V2428AU, V2411AU, V2401AU, V2434AU, V2414AU, V2402US, V2416TU, V2404US, V2419AU, V2406TU, V2424AU, V2409TU, V2429AU, V2411TU, V2401CL, V2435AU, V2414NR, V2403AU, V2417AU, V2405AU, V2419TU, V2407AU, V2424NR, V2410AU

Compaq Presario V2500 Series
V2555US, V2575US, V2565CA, V2582US, V2500, V2565US, V2508WM, V2570CA, V2552US, V2570NR, V2555CA, V2575CA

Compaq Presario V2600 Series
V2612TS, V2633AU, V2623TS, V2605AU, V2656AU, V2614TS, V2635TS, V2626AU, V2606TN, V2658US, V2616AU, V2641TS, V2664AU, V2628AU, V2608AU, V2617TS, V2647TS, V2669AU, V2630AU, V2609TS, V2619TS, V2601TS, V2651AU, V2611AU, V2673AU, V2631TN, V2621TS, V2603TN, V2654AU, V2613AU, V2633TN, V2624AU, V2605LA, V2656TS, V2615AU, V2636AU, V2626TN, V2606TS, V2659AU, V2616TN, V2642TS, V2665AU, V2628TN, V2608CA, V2618AU, V2648TS, V2670AU, V2630CA, V2610AU, V2620AU, V2602AU, V2651TS, V2611TN, V2675AU, V2631TS, V2622AU, V2603TS, V2654TS, V2613TN, V2633TS, V2624TS, V2605TN, V2657AU, V2615LA, V2636TS, V2626TS, V2607AU, V2660AU, V2616TS, V2643TS, V2665US, V2628TS, V2608TS, V2618TN, V2600, V2649TS, V2670CA, V2630TN, V2610CA, V2620TN, V2602TN, V2652AU, V2611TS, V2698XX, V2632AU, V2622TN, V2604AU, V2655AU, V2613TS, V2634AU, V2625AU, V2605TS, V2657TS, V2615TN, V2637TS, V2627AU, V2607CA, V2661AU, V2617AU, V2644TS, V2666AU, V2629AU, V2608WM, V2618TS, V2601AU, V2650AU, V2610TN, V2670US, V2630TS, V2620TS, V2602TS, V2652TS, V2612AU, V2699XX

Compaq Presario V2700 Series
V2710CA, V2721NR, V2710US, V2718LA, V2718WM, V2720NR, V2700, V2720WM

Compaq Presario V3000 Series
V3057TU, V3020US, V3037AU, V3010US, V3063TU, V3023TU, V3040TU, V3013TU, V3001XX, V3070TU, V3026TU, V3043TU, V3015TU, V3003XX, V3029TU, V3046TU, V3017TU, V3006AU, V3031TU, V3052TU, V3019TU, V3009AU, V3034TU, V3058TU, V3021AU, V3037TU, V3011AU, V3000, V3064TU, V3024AU, V3041AU, V3014AU, V3002AU, V3071TU, V3027AU, V3044AU, V3016AU, V3004AU, V3030AU, V3047TU, V3018AU, V3006TU, V3032AU, V3053TU, V3019US, V3009TU, V3035AU, V3059TU, V3021TU, V3038AU, V3011TU, V3000T, V3065TU, V3024TU, V3041TU, V3014TU, V3002TU, V3072TU, V3027TU, V3044TU, V3016TU, V3004TU, V3030CA, V3048TU, V3018CL, V3007AU, V3032TU, V3054TU, V3020AU, V3010AU, V3035TU, V3060TU, V3022AU, V3038TU, V3012AU, V3000Z, V3066TU, V3025AU, V3042AU, V3015AU, V3002XX, V3028AU, V3045AU, V3016US, V3004XX, V3030TU, V3049TU, V3018TU, V3007TU, V3033AU, V3055TU, V3020CA, V3010CA, V3036AU, V3061TU, V3022TU, V3039AU, V3012TU, V3001AU, V3067TU, V3025TU, V3042TU, V3015CA, V3003AU, V3028TU, V3045TU, V3017AU, V3005AU, V3030US, V3050TU, V3018US, V3008AU, V3033TU, V3056TU

Compaq Presario B1200 Series
B1207TU, B1264TU, B1235TU, B1210TU, B1272TU, B1241TU, B1213VU, B1278TU, B1247TU, B1284TU, B1218TU, B1201VU, B1253TU, B1290TU, B1224TU, B1204VU, B1259TU, B1296TU, B1230TU, B1207VU, B1265TU, B1236TU, B1210VU, B1273TU, B1242TU, B1214TU, B1279TU, B1248TU, B1285TU, B1219TU, B1202TU, B1254TU, B1291TU, B1225TU, B1205TU, B1260TU, B1297TU, B1231TU, B1208TU, B1266TU, B1237TU, B1211TU, B1274TU, B1243TU, B1214VU, B1280TU, B1249TU, B1286TU, B1220TU, B1202VU, B1255TU, B1292TU, B1226TU, B1205VU, B1261TU, B1298TU, B1232TU, B1208VU, B1269TU, B1238TU, B1211VU, B1275TU, B1244TU, B1215TU, B1281TU, B1250TU, B1287TU, B1221TU, B1203TU, B1256TU, B1293TU, B1227TU, B1206TU, B1262TU, B1299TU, B1233TU, B1209TU, B1270TU, B1239TU, B1212VU, B1276TU, B1245TU, B1216TU, B1282TU, B1200, B1251TU, B1288TU, B1222TU, B1203VU, B1257TU, B1294TU, B1228TU, B1206VU, B1263TU, B1234TU, B1209VU, B1271TU, B1240TU, B1213TU, B1277TU, B1246TU, B1217TU, B1283TU, B1201TU, B1252TU, B1289TU, B1223TU, B1204TU, B1258TU, B1295TU, B1229TU

Compaq Presario B1800 Series
B1837TU, B1808TU, B1814TU, B1820TU, B1826TU, B1832TU, B1803TU, B1838TU, B1809TU, B1815TU, B1821TU, B1827TU, B1833TU, B1804TU, B1810TU, B1816TU, B1822TU, B1828TU, B1834TU, B1805TU, B1811TU, B1817TU, B1823TU, B1829TU, B1800, B1835TU, B1806TU, B1812TU, B1818TU, B1824TU, B1830TU, B1801TU, B1836TU, B1807TU, B1813TU, B1819TU, B1825TU, B1831TU, B1802TU

Compaq Presario B1900 Series
B1933TU, B1902TU, B1907TU, B1913TU, B1919TU, B1925TU, B1903JP, B1908TU, B1914TU, B1920TU, B1926TU, B1900, B1903TU, B1909TU, B1915TU, B1921TU, B1927TU, B1901JP, B1904TU, B1910TU, B1916TU, B1922TU, B1928TU, B1901TU, B1905TU, B1911TU, B1917TU, B1923TU, B1931TU, B1902JP, B1906TU, B1912TU, B1918TU, B1924TU

Compaq Presario B2000 Series
B2029AP, B2035AP, B2005AL, B2010AL, B2018AL, B2024AP, B2030AP, B2000, B2036AP, B2005AP, B2011AP, B2019AP, B2025AP, B2031AP, B2001AP, B2037AP, B2006AL, B2012AP, B2020AP, B2026AL, B2032AP, B2002AP, B2038AP, B2007AL, B2013AP, B2021AL, B2027AP, B2033AL, B2003AP, B2039AP, B2008AL, B2015AP, B2022AL, B2028AP, B2034AL, B2004AP, B2040AL, B2009AP, B2017AL, B2023AL

Compaq Presario B3300 Series

Compaq Presario B3800 Series
B3822AP, B3828AP, B3805AP, B3811AP, B3817AP, B3823AP, B3829AP, B3800, B3806AP, B3812AP, B3818AP, B3824AP, B3801AP, B3807AP, B3813AP, B3819AP, B3825AP, B3802AP, B3808AP, B3814AP, B3820AP, B3826AP, B3803AP, B3809AP, B3815AP, B3821AP, B3827AP, B3804AP, B3810AP, B3816AP

Compaq Presario C300 Series
C310EU, C352EA, C301TU, C304TU, C307TU, C315LA, C353EA, C302NR, C305LA, C308LA, C318LA, C399XX, C300, C302TU, C305TU, C308TU, C350EA, C300EA, C303NR, C306TU, C309TU, C350EU, C300EU, C303TU, C306US, C310EA, C351EA, C301NR, C304NR, C307NR

Compaq Presario C500 Series
C559EM, C540EA, C563NR, C551NR, C568LA, C500T, C554EM, C574TU, C502TU, C555ES, C580TU, C504TU, C556TU, C507TU, C559TU, C542EA, C563TU, C551TU, C570EA, C501NR, C554TU, C575TU, C502US, C555EU, C581TU, C504US, C557CL, C507US, C560TU, C550ED, C564TU, C552CA, C571NR, C501TU, C554US, C576TU, C503TU, C555NR, C582TU, C505TU, C557TU, C508US, C560US, C550EF, C565TU, C500, C552TU, C571TU, C502CA, C555EA, C577TU, C503WM, C555TU, C506CA, C558TU, C509NR, C561TU, C550EL, C566TU, C500EA, C552US, C572TU, C502EA, C555EL, C578TU, C504EA, C556CA, C506TU, C559EF, C518LA, C562TU, C550EM, C567TU, C500EU, C553TU, C573TU, C502EU, C555EM, C579TU, C504EU, C556EM, C506US

Compaq Presario C700 Series
C797EI, C790ED, C719TU, C775EF, C703LA, C793WU, C798EL, C790EP, C772EM, C732EF, C776TU, C707LA, C794WU, C799TR, C791ER, C750EF, C778TU, C710BR, C795EJ, C792EA, C780LA, C710EN, C795EV, C792ES, C784TU, C714TU, C796ET, C700XX, C792WU, C797EL, C790EE, C720BR, C775EL, C703TU, C794EF, C798TR, C790ES, C765EM, C732EM, C777CL, C707TU, C795EB, C799TU, C791ES, C750EM, C779TU, C710ED, C795EK, C792EB, C780TU, C710TU, C795TR, C792EV, C785EM, C715TU, C796TU, C701LA, C793EM, C797EO, C790EF, C731, C720ES, C775EM, C704TU, C794EL, C798TU, C790EV, C740EM, C732ES, C777EL, C708LA, C795ED, C799VU, C791EV, C755ES, C780EE, C710EE, C795EL, C792EI, C781TU, C711TU, C795TU, C792EW, C785TU, C716TU, C796VU, C701TU, C793ES, C797TU, C790EI, C757EA, C725BR, C775TU, C705LA, C794EW, C798VU, C790LA, C700T, C735ED, C777NR, C708TU, C795EE, C791TU, C757EM, C780EF, C710EF, C795EM, C792EJ, C782TU, C712TU, C795VU, C700, C792EZ, C796WU, C786TU, C717TU, C773TU, C702LA, C793TU, C797VU, C790EL, C742EA, C727US, C776CA, C705TU, C794TU, C799EO, C791EC, C737B

Compaq Presario F500 Series
F565LA, F550EE, F574AU, F550ET, F553US, F501AU, F557WM, F504AU, F560US, F505LA, F566LA, F550EF, F575AU, F551AU, F554AU, F502AU, F558US, F504EA, F560XX, F506EA, F571AU, F550EL, F576AU, F552AU, F555AU, F502EA, F560EA, F504EM, F562LA, F506LA, F572AU, F550EN, F577AU, F552LA, F555LA, F502EU, F560EL, F504EU, F564LA, F545EA, F572US, F550EO, F577CL, F553AU, F500, F555US, F502LA, F560EM, F505AU, F565CA, F545EU, F573AU, F550ES, F579WM, F553CL, F500EA, F557US, F503AU, F560ET, F505EA

Compaq Presario F700 Series
F700, F739WM, F706LA, F712NR, F729EM, F730US, F732NR

Compaq Presario V3100 Series
V3156TU, V3123AU, V3141AU, V3110AU, V3185TU, V3159TU, V3126AU, V3144AU, V3112TU, V3191TU, V3162TU, V3129AU, V3147TU, V3115LA, V3197TU, V3102AU, V3165TU, V3132AU, V3150TU, V3117TU, V3104TU, V3174TU, V3135AU, V3153TU, V3120TU, V3138AU, V3107TU, V3180TU, V3157AU, V3123TU, V3141TU, V3110CA, V3186TU, V3160AU, V3126TU, V3144TU, V3113AU, V3192TU, V3163AU, V3129TU, V3148AU, V3115TU, V3198TU, V3102TU, V3166AU, V3132TU, V3151AU, V3118AU, V3135TU, V3105AU, V3175TU, V3154AU, V3121AU, V3138TU, V3108AU, V3181TU, V3157TU, V3124AU, V3142AU, V3110TU, V3187TU, V3160TU, V3127AU, V3145AU, V3113TU, V3193TU, V3163TU, V3130AU, V3148TU, V3116AU, V3199TU, V3102XX, V3167AU, V3133AU, V3151TU, V3118TU, V3136AU, V3105TU, V3176TU, V3154TU, V3121TU, V3139AU, V3108TU, V3182TU, V3158AU, V3124TU, V3142TU, V3111AU, V3188TU, V3161AU, V3127TU, V3145TU, V3114AU, V3194TU, V3100, V3164AU, V3130TU, V3149AU, V3116TU, V3103AU, V3168AU, V3133TU, V3152AU, V3119AU, V3136TU, V3106AU, V3177TU, V3155AU, V3122AU, V3140AU, V3109AU, V3183TU, V3158TU, V3125AU,

Compaq Presario V4000 Series
V4025US, V4055EA, V4001AP, V4004XX, V4035CA, V4058EA, V4002AP, V4005CL, V4035EA, V4060EA, V4002XX, V4005XX, V4035US, V4075EA, V4000, V4003AP, V4015US, V4040EA, V4000T, V4003XX, V4020US, V4050EA, V4000XX, V4004AP

Compaq Presario V4100 Series
V4122TU, V4145EA, V4102AP, V4108AP, V4113AP, V4119AP, V4125CL, V4146EA, V4103AP, V4109AP, V4114AP, V4120EA, V4130EA, V4147EA, V4104AP, V4110AP, V4115AP, V4120TU, V4133EA, V4160EA, V4105AP, V4110EA, V4116AP, V4120US, V4135US, V4100, V4106AP, V4111AP, V4117AP, V4121TU, V4144EA, V4101AP, V4107AP, V4112AP, V4118AP

Compaq Presario V4200 Series
V4213TU, V4217TU, V4221TU, V4201XX, V4227TU, V4203XX, V4233TU, V4208TU, V4274EA, V4214TU, V4218TU, V4222TU, V4202EA, V4228TU, V4204TU, V4240US, V4209TU, V4275EA, V4215EA, V4219TU, V4223TU, V4202TU, V4229TU, V4205EA, V4245US, V4210TU, V4276EA, V4215TU, V4220EA, V4224TU, V4202XX, V4230TU, V4205TU, V4260EA, V4211TU, V4278EA, V4216TU, V4220NR, V4200, V4225TU, V4203EA, V4231TU, V4206TU, V4263EA, V4212TU, V4285EA, V4217EA, V4220TU, V4201TU, V4226TU, V4203TU, V4232TU, V4207TU, V4265EA

Compaq Presario V4300 Series
V4300, V4325CA, V4336EA, V4382EA, V4305EA, V4325US, V4338EA, V4387EA, V4308EA, V4332EA, V4347EA, V4310NR, V4332US, V4354EA, V4320EA, V4333EA, V4376EA, V4322EA, V4335EA, V4377EA

Compaq Presario V4400 Series
V4408TU, V4403TU, V4435NR, V4404TU, V4440US, V4400, V4405TU, V4450EA, V4401TU, V4406TU, V4402TU, V4407TU, V4402XX

Compaq Presario V5000 Series
V5002EA, V5015US, V5033EA, V5099EA, V5004EA, V5025EA, V5054EA, V5099XX, V5005US, V5026EA, V5059EA, V5006EA, V5030EA, V5079EA, V5000, V5009EA, V5031EA, V5088XX, V5000T, V5015CA, V5032EA, V5094EA

Compaq Presario V5100 Series
V5122EU, V5102TU, V5155EA, V5105CA, V5107EU, V5110EU, V5115US, V5101TU, V5125EU, V5103AU, V5160EA, V5105EU, V5107TU, V5110TU, V5116EU, V5101US, V5126EU, V5103TU, V5160US, V5105TU, V5108CU, V5111EU, V5100, V5119US, V5102AU, V5128EA, V5104AU, V5162EA, V5105US, V5108EU, V5111TU, V5100AU, V5120EU, V5102EU, V5132EA, V5104EU, V5189XX, V5106EU, V5108TU, V5115CA, V5100TU, V5120NR, V5102NR, V5150EA, V5104TU, V5199XX, V5106TU, V5109TU, V5115EU, V5101AU

Compaq Presario V5200 Series
V5232TU, V5261TU, V5212TU, V5235TU, V5215TU, V5239TU, V5200, V5219TU, V5245EU, V5204NR, V5222TU, V5250TU, V5206TU, V5228TU, V5256TU, V5209US, V5233EA, V5299XX, V5213TU, V5236EA, V5216EA, V5240TU, V5201CA, V5220EA, V5245TU, V5204TU, V5223TU, V5251TU, V5207NR, V5229TU, V5257TU, V5210CA, V5233TU, V5214EA, V5236EU, V5216TU, V5241TU, V5201TU, V5220TU, V5246TU, V5204US, V5224TU, V5252TU, V5207TU, V5230TU, V5258TU, V5210TU, V5234EA, V5214TU, V5236TU, V5217TU, V5242TU, V5201US, V5221EA, V5247TU, V5205NR, V5225TU, V5253TU, V5208CA, V5231TU, V5259TU, V5210US, V5234TU, V5215EA, V5237TU, V5218LA, V5243TU, V5202TU, V5221TU, V5248TU, V5205TU, V5226TU, V5254TU, V5208TU, V5232EA, V5260TU, V5211TU, V5235EA, V5215LA, V5238TU, V5218TU, V5244TU, V5203TU, V5222EA, V5249TU, V5206OM, V5227TU, V5255TU, V5209TU

Compaq Presario V5300 Series
V5306US, V5307US, V5300, V5308CA, V5303NR, V5310US, V5304US, V5315WM, V5305WM

Compaq Presario V6000 Series
V6066EA, V6000AU, V6003AU, V6025EA, V6000Z, V6004AU, V6030US, V6001AU, V6012EA, V6048CL, V6001XX, V6014EA, V6057EA, V6002AU, V6016EA, V6065EA, V6000, V6002XX, V6024EA

Compaq Presario X1000 Series
X1062AP, X1097AP, X1035AP, X1068AP, X1006EA, X1041AP, X1074AP, X1011AL, X1047AP, X1080AP, X1018CL, X1051AP, X1086AP, X1026AP, X1057AP, X1092AP, X1030US, X1063AP, X1000, X1098AP, X1036AP, X1069AP, X1007EA, X1042AP, X1075AP, X1012AL, X1048AP, X1081AP, X1020EA, X1052AP, X1087AP, X1027AP, X1058AP, X1093AP, X1031AP, X1064AP, X1001US, X1099AP, X1037AP, X1070AP, X1010AL, X1043AP, X1076AP, X1012EA, X1049AP, X1082AP, X1020US, X1053AP, X1088AP, X1028AP, X1058CL, X1094AP, X1032AP, X1065AP, X1002US, X1038AP, X1071AP, X1010CA, X1044AP, X1077AP, X1012QV, X1050AP, X1083AP, X1021AP, X1054AP, X1089AP, X1028CL, X1060AP, X1095AP, X1033AP, X1066AP, X1005EA, X1040AP, X1072AP, X1010EA, X1045AP, X1078AP, X1015US, X1050CA, X1084AP, X1022AP, X1055AP, X1090AP, X1029AP, X1061AP, X1096AP, X1034AP, X1067AP, X1005LA, X1040US, X1073AP, X1010US, X1046AP, X1079AP, X1016EA, X1050US, X1085AP, X1023AP, X1056AP, X1091AP, X1030AP

Compaq Presario X1100 Series
X1140EA, X1155EA, X1105EA, X1110EA, X1115EA

Note: This may be an incomplete list. If you can not find your laptop /   adapter model no. in the list, this adapter may still be compatible with   your laptop. Please contact us to check.

Package Includes:

1. 1 x  Laptop DC Power Adapter Charger
2. 1 x  Power Cord (according to your country standard: UK, USA, AU, EU and All Other Countries)


We provide four kind USA/UK/EUROPE/AU PLUG, we will send you the right plug used in your country, if you need a different plug, please contact us immediately after you finish payment.

Please ensure connector size is correct for your laptop before purchasing