19.5v 2.31a 45w 4.5mm*3.0mm AC Adapter/Charger for Dell ultrabook XPS 12 13 13D 14 XPS 13Z 13R Ultrabook



Part Number: JT9DM Laptop AC Power Adapter
Output Voltage: 19.5V
Output Current: 2.31A
Power: 45W
Connecter Size: 4.5mm*3.0mm (with pin inside)
Product Type: Replacement Laptop AC Adapter (Brand New)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Compatible with P/N:

JT9DM,FA45NE1-00,ADP-45MH,03RG0T, LA45NM121,JHJX0,PA-20,312-1307,LA45NM121,GM456,PA-1450-01D,LA45NS0-00,PA-20,0JHJX0,44PV8,3RG0T,PA-1450-66D1,450-18463,RFRWK,DA45NM131,AA45NM131,LA45NM131,450-18066

Compatible with Models :

DelL Ultrabook XPS series
XPS 12,XPS 13,XPS 14,XPS 13Z,XPS 13R,XPS L221X,XPS 12-L221X,XPS Duo 12-9Q23,XPS 12D-1501, XPS 12D-1508,XPS 12D-1701,XPS 12D-1708,XPS 12D-2501,XPS 12D-2508,XPS 12D-2701,XPS 12D-2708,XPS 13D-138,XPS 13D-148,XPS 13D-148D,XPS 13-9001sLV,XPS 13-7000sLv,XPS 13-40002sLV,XPS 13-925sL,XPS 13-L321X ,XPS 13-L322X,XPS13D-2708,XPS 13D-2701,XPS 13D-2608,XPS 13D-2508,XPS 13D-2501,XPS 13D-128,XPS 13-9001sLV,XPS 13-6928sLV,XPS 13-7000sLV,XPS 13-40002sLV,XPS 13-925sLV,XPS 13-4040SLV,XPS 13-0015SLV,XPS 13 3RG0T,XPS P29G,XPS L322X,XPS 321X-0267,XPS L321X,XPS L322X,XPS Duo 12 - 9Q23 Ultrabook

Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.

Package Includes:
1. 1 x Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger
2. 1 x Power Cord (according to your country standard: UK, USA, AU, EU and All Other Countries)


We provide four kind USA/UK/EUROPE/AU PLUG, we will send you the right plug used in your country, if you need a different plug, please contact us immediately after you finish payment.
Please ensure connector size is correct for your laptop before purchasing