19V 4.22A 80W 5.5*3.0mm AD-8019, BA44-00108A Replacement AC Adapter For SAMSUNG 6000, A10 DXT



Part Number: AD-8019 Laptop AC Power Adapter
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: 4.22A
Power: 80W
Connecter Size: 5.5*3.0mm
Product Type: Replacement Laptop AC Adapter (Brand New)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Note: Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter are accordant before you bid.


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Product Description

Compatible with P/N:


AD-8019M, BA44-00108A, AD-8019, AD-8019P

Compatible with Models :


Samsung 6000, 8000GS, 8000SN, 8000VN, A10, A10 DXT, A10 XTC, Aquila, Aquila C, Corona, GT9000, GT9000 PRO, M40, M40 plus, M50, NT-X11, Q30, Q30 plus, Q35, SN6000, T10, V20, VM6000, VM6300, VM6300cT, GT7000 Series, GT7700 Series, GT8000 Series, GT8100 Series

Samsung GT6000 Series
GT6330, GT6330XT, GT6360, GT6360XT, GT6400, GT6400XV

Samsung GT8600 Series
GT8600, GT8600XT, GT8650, GT8650XT

Samsung GT8700 Series
GT8700, GT8700XT, GT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV

Samsung GT8800 Series
GT8800, GT8800XT, GT8800XV, GT8850, GT8850XT, GT8850XTD

Samsung GT8900 Series
GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR, GT8910, GT8910KXV

Samsung NP Series
NP30, NP-Q1, NP-Q1U, NP-Q30 Plus, NP-Q35, NP-R50, NP-X20, NP-X60

Samsung P Series
P28, P30, P35, P40, P50

Samsung Q1 Series
Q1, Q1 Ultra, Q1 Ultra - Q1U-V, Q1U R20

Samsung R20 Series

R20-Aura T2350 Declan, R20-Aura T7200 Deva

Samsung Sens Series
Sens 690, Sens 820, Sens 830, Sens 900, Sens 950, Sens Pro 680, Sens Pro 850, Sens V10

Samsung VM7000 Series
VM7550, VM7550cT, VM7600, VM7600cT, VM7650, VM7650cT, VM7650cXTD, VM7700, VM7700XTD

Samsung VM8000 Series

VM8080cXT, VM8090cT, VM8090cXTD, VM8095cX

Samsung VM8100 Series
VM8100cX, VM8100cXTD, VM8100XTD, VM8110cXTD, VM8110XTC

Samsung X Series
X05, X05 Plus, X1, X10, X10 , X10 plus, X11, X1-1200 Bliss, X15, X15 plus, X20, X22, X30, X50, X50 WVM 2000

Samsung X11 Series
X11c-T5600 Calest, X11c-T7200 Carlin, X11-Pro T2600 Baviall, X11-Pro T5500 Bugomi, X11-Pro T7400 Bennett, X11-T2300 Carl, X11-T2300 Culesa, X11-T5500 CeSeba

Samsung X60 Series
X60, X60, X60-Pro T7200 Benito, X60-Pro T7400 Boxxer

Note: This may be an incomplete list. If you can not find your laptop /   adapter model no. in the list, this adapter may still be compatible with   your laptop. Please contact us to check.

Package Includes:
1. 1 x  Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger
2. 1 x  Power Cord (according to your country standard: UK, USA, AU, EU and All Other Countries)


We provide four kind USA/UK/EUROPE/AU PLUG, we will send you the right plug used in your country, if you need a different plug, please contact us immediately after you finish payment.

Please ensure connector size is correct for your laptop before purchasing