20V 3.25A 65W 5.5mm*2.5mm LSE9802A2060, 0335A2065 Repalcement Laptop AC Adapter for LI SHIN



Part Number: LSE9802A2060 Laptop AC Power Adapter
Output Voltage: 20V
Output Current: 3.25A
Power: 65W
Connecter Size: 5.5*2.5mm
Product Type: Replacement Laptop AC Adapter (Brand New)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Compatible with P/N:

Li shin

0335A2065, 0335C2065, LSE9802A2060

Compatible with Models :

Advent 1115C, Advent 4401, Advent 5301, Advent 5302, Advent 5303, Advent 5311, Advent 5312, Advent 5313, Advent 5401, Advent 5411, Advent 6311, Advent 7109, Advent 7109A, Advent 7109B, Advent 7113, Advent 7204, Advent 8111, Advent 8115, Advent 8117, Advent 9115, Advent 9117, Advent 9215, Advent 9315, Advent 9415, Advent 9515, Advent 9517, Advent 9617, Advent ERT2250, Advent K4000, Advent K6000, Advent KC500

Ei System 1211, Ei System 3089, Ei System 3102, Ei System 3103, Ei System 3115, Ei System 4213, Ei System 4315

Amilo 1451G, Amilo A1645, Amilo L1310G, Amilo L7300, Amilo L7320, Amilo Li 272, Amilo Li1705, Amilo pi1502, Amilo Pi1505, Amilo Pro V3515, Amilo Si1520


Sony Vaio PCG-4xxx Series
Vaio PCG-4L3L, Vaio PCG-4N1L, Vaio PCG-4N2L, Vaio PCG-4N3L, Vaio PCG-4N4L, Vaio PCG-4Q1L, Vaio PCG-4Q4L, Vaio PCG-4R1L, Vaio PCG-4R2L

Sony Vaio PCG-500 Series
Vaio PCG-500

Sony VAIO PCG-505 series
VAIO PCG-505E, Vaio PCG-505EX, Vaio PCG-505F, Vaio PCG-505FX, Vaio PCG-505G, Vaio PCG-505GX

Note: This may be an incomplete list. If you can not find your laptop /   adapter model no. in the list, this adapter may still be compatible with   your laptop. Please contact us to check.

Package Includes:
1. 1 x  Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger
2. 1 x  Power Cord (according to your country standard: UK, USA, AU, EU and All Other Countries)


We provide four kind USA/UK/EUROPE/AU PLUG, we will send you the right plug used in your country, if you need a different plug, please contact us immediately after you finish payment.

Please ensure connector size is correct for your laptop before purchasing