NEW Nvidia GPU G86-630-A2 BGA GPU IC GF 8400M GS




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Product Description

Nvidia GPU G86-630-A2 BGA IC

nVIDIA Graphics GF 8400M GS G86 630 A2 G86M BGA GPU IC

G86-630-A2. Date code 09+

brand: Nvida

model:G86-630-A2, 8400m GS

Condition:Condition: refurbished&tested,good quality

The G86 631 A2 is the G86 630 A2 revised with all latest update production. It can remplace for G86 630 A2 no any problem becasue it is BETTER.

* This BGA is with balls in packaging. Please choose your reference when payment.
* Warranty is 30 days DOA,(From day of purchase) not covered if physical dammaged and sign loose.

1pc Nvidia G86 630 A2 GPU with balls.?